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 Staff Applications Format

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PostSubject: Staff Applications Format    Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:07 pm


- You must have at least 12 in-game hours.

- You must not have more than 4 warnings

- You must not have been banned.

- You must be in our discord server.

- You must have a good standing within the community.

1) Steam Name:

2) Discord Name:

3) SteamID:

4) TimeZone:

5) Date of Birth:

6) Age:

7) Total Playtime:

Cool Total Warnings:

9) Do you have a microphone(Yes/No):

10) Why Do You Think You Deserve This Rank:.

11) Is there anything that may cause you to not be staff on some days?

11) Do you promise to be online for 2-6 hours a day every day of the week.

12) Do you have any experience as a staff member on other servers?:

13) Why Do You Think You Deserve This Rank(75 words)?:

14) Why are you applying for Trial Moderator(100 words)?:

15) Why should we pick you(75 words)?:

16) What are the definitions of the following, be sure to include examples:


17) What would you do if someone is breaking the rule against RDM:

18) Do you agree to not abuse your powers and if you do you will be punished harshly:

19) Do you promise to only play on our server as staff:

20) Do you promise not to ask for a promotion:

21) Do you promise that you will respect higher up at all times:

22) Do you understand that this is confidential Information if you discuss this with any of our staff or guest you will face the panel between on owner and founder.
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Staff Applications Format
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