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 Staff Punishment Guide & Rules- *Tmods*

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Staff Punishment Guide & Rules- *Tmods*  Empty
PostSubject: Staff Punishment Guide & Rules- *Tmods*    Staff Punishment Guide & Rules- *Tmods*  Icon_minitimeSun Jun 10, 2018 2:05 pm

You may not abuse your powers. If ya do you will be punished
Punishment Guide:
RDM & Attempt Punishments- LTAP Punishments- NLR Punishments-
•RDM x1 - Verbal •LTAP x1 and beyond- Warn- Kick- Ban •NLR x1 - Verbal
•RDM x2 - Warn •NLR x2 - Warn
•RDM x3 - kick •NLR x3 - Kick
•RDM x4 and beyond - Ban •NLR x4 - Short Ban

FailRP Punishments- Prop Spam Punishments- Prop Blocking Punishments-
•FailRP x1 - Verbal •Prop Spam x1 - Verbal and removal of props •Prop Block x1 - Warn & removal of props
•FailRP x2 - Warn •Prop Spam x2 - Warn and removal of props •Prop Block x2 - Kick
•FailRP x3 - Kick •Prop Spam x3 - Kick •Prop Block x3 - Ban

Prop Abuse Punishments- Chat Spam Punishments- Mic Spam Punishments-
•Prop Abuse x1 - Verbal •Chat Spam x1- Verbal •Mic Spam x1- Verbal
•Prop Abuse x2 - Warn •Chat Spam x2- Gag & Mute •Mic Spam x2- Gage & Mute
•Prop Abuse x3 - Kick •Chat Spam x3- Ban •Mic Spam x3- Ban
•Prop Abuse x4- Ban

Trolling Punishments- Picking up Cars Punishments- AFK Punishments-
•Trolling x1 - Warn •Picking up cars x1- Verbal •AFK Gaining Hours x1- Verbal
•Trolling x2 - Kick •Picking up a car x2- Warning •AFK Gaining Hours x2- Kick
•Trolling x3 - Ban •Picking up a car x3- Kick •AFK Gaining Hours x3- Short Ban
•Picking up a car x4(beyond)- Ban

Excessive Car Honking Punishments- NITRP Punishments- FDA Punishments-
•Excessive Honking x1- Verbal •No Intent To RolePlay x1- Warn •Fading Door Abuse x1- Warn
•Excessive Honking x2- Delete Vehicle •No Intent To RolePlay x2- Kick •Fading Door Abuse x2- Kick
•Excessive Honking x3- Kick •No Intent To RolePlay x3- Ban •Fading Door Abuse x3- Ban

Prop Climb Punishments-
•Prop Climb x1- Warn
•Prop Climb x2- Kick
•Prop Climb x3- Ban
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Staff Punishment Guide & Rules- *Tmods*
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