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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jun 10, 2018 1:54 pm

Welcome to GamingNation PoliceRP Servers
Enjoy your stay, feel free to read these rules while you wait.

General Server Rules
1. RDM is not allowed.
a. Random deathmatch - Killing people without valid reason, Randomly Damaging
2. Do not attempt to prop surf, prop block, prop kill, prop push or spam props.
3. Do not disrespect players or staff
a. If you disagree with a staff member or a player, do so politely.
4. Do not hack or exploit.
5. Do not evade punishment
a. Example: Leaving while jailed, Leaving during a sit. (LTAP)
b. If you must leave, inform an admin with a valid reason for leaving.
6. Do not advertise other servers or products, this is not tolerated.
7. Use admin Chat for its intended purpose
a. Use “@ ” To inform admins of a problem at hand.
b. Do not spam this chat, post jokes or comments that are not intended to be in there
8. Spawn is a safe zone from all mugging, kidnapping, etc., if you go AFK anywhere else you are not protected by this rule.
9. Mic Spamming is not allowed amd if caught mic spamming in discord and in game is a verbal/kick/ban.
11. Do not self-supply
a. Self-supply is when you become a job and buy yourself guns/items then switch back to another job to use those items.
b. Self-supply is NOT buying yourself guns/items to protect yourself while staying the same job.
13. Damaging people's armor in spawn counts as FailRP.
14. Any racist textscreens will be removed without prior notice and if caught you will be punished.
15. Any racist party names will result in the removal of the party without prior notice.
16. Do not question a staff's command/decision.
a. If you find it abusive, contact a Staff Supervisor or up.
17. Be respectful to everyone
18. Do your very best to help other players in a time of need
19. If you see someone breaking the rules report that rule breakers on the forums.
20. Try to speak English since this is an English server
21. Please have some sort of video recording software if you ever report anyone
22. You can trade at your own discretion and do your own research. Being scammed of 1 Mil or more PoliceRP cash or any amount of money is subject to review and punishment. Ask for a staff witness if you are unsure of a transaction23. If you see any bugs/exploits! report them immediately. Using them to your own advantage and not reporting them will have you banned
24. DO NOT RDM- Verbal X1- Warn x2 - Kick x3- Ban x4(more)
25. DO NOT Minge- Warn x1 - Kick x2- Ban x3
26. DO NOT Propclimb- Verbal X1- Warn x2 - Kick x3- Ban x4(more)
27. DO NOT Propblock- Verbal X1- Warn x2 - Kick x3- Ban x4(more)
28. DO NOT be a dick, we are all here to have fun and play the game
29. DO NOT Do Violent Thefts (Ex. Player A shoots and kills player B because they are holding a printer. Just try to take it with a gravitygun or something don't kill them on sight. Events like Golden Printer are an exception)
30. DO NOT RP in spawn unless you're running through it in an RP situation
31. DO NOT say racist things in chat or have them in you
32. DO NOT block off NPCs, everyone needs to get to them
33. DO NOT raid the same person over and over again, pick on someone else every once in a while
34. DO NOT raid public places. Some people just wanna chill, don't ruin their fun if they have no goods in their public place
35. DO NOT counter actions before getting involved. For example,asking a kidnapper to release your friend otherwise you might counter the action
36. DO NOT warn people for general actions such as walking down the street, looking at them or being near them
37. DO NOT advert heist if you're inside of the PD. You must do it outside since you will be committing murder to everyone inside
38. DO NOT bind multiple different adverts to one message, you will be asked to change it. (Ex: raid/mug/heist/bank raid/kidnap)
39. DO NOT call staff for a single RDM, go talk to guy who killed you or ask in OOC why he killed you
40. DO NOT call staff without a specified reason. Ex: "ADMIN 2 ME PLZ" is not allowed "Hey admin, player x is mass RDMing right now, can you help out?"
41. DO NOT call staff for general questions, ask people in OOC or the forums
42. DO NOT call staff constantly. Spamming admin chat will have you kicked / banned

NLR rule:
NLR exists and please use your best judgement to determine whether or not it is okay to return to a place after death. Most people don't care if you died to a hit at PD and come back. People will care if you died in a raid and come back. If you want to play it safe don't return to your place of death until

RDM: Random Death Match
RDA: Random Arrest
NITRP: No Intention to RP
LTAP: Leave to avoid punishment
FDA: Fading door abuse
NLA: Nonlethal Abuse
A (RDM/RDA): Attempted (RDM/RDA)
R (RDM/RDA): Revenge (RDM/RDA)
Propblock: Blocking all areas without a way to get in using a lockpick / keypad cracker
Propclimb: Using props to get on places you cannot normally get to
KoS = Kill on Sight
AoS = Arrest on Sight

Time Limits:
Raiding Cooldown:
Max Kidnapping Time: 5 minutes
Max Raiding Raid Time: 10 minutesRaiding Time: 20 minutes
Cooldown for raiding the PD: 15 minutes
Max Mug Amount: $10,000
NLR Time Limit: Read NLR rules above/Until the raid or heist is over. But it's usually going to be 5 minutes.

NLR Examples:
Going back to the road you died on to a hitman to see your friends ALLOWED
Going back to the road you died on to a hitman to kill the hitman NOT ALLOWED
Jimmy going back to bob's house after raiders raided it and killed him NOT ALLOWED
Going back to Jimmy's house you were raiding after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back to finish a heist as a raider after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back to defend a heist as a CP after you died NOT ALLOWED
Going back into the PD as a cop after you got killed by a Bounty Hunter ALLOWED
Going back into the PD as a raider after you got killed by a mugger ALLOWED

General PoliceRP Rules
1. Do not abuse your job
a. You may not exclusively service people. You must service everyone. This means that you cannot exclusively sell to your friends.
2. Follow NLR (New Life Rule)
a. NLR is 5 minutes for everyone.
3. RP Related Activities you must Advert.
a. Raid: Advert
b. Assist: Advert
c. Counter: Advert
d. Mug: Advert
e. Kidnap: Advert
f. Terror: Advert
g. Warn (1-3): To warn someone to back off you must warn them in advert, for example: "/advert Warn (1/2/3)." You can kill the person only after a minimum of three warns in advert with each warn given one second in between.
4. You cannot scam other players.
a. Scamming is selling goods and not giving the item, giving the player the wrong item and running off with their money, etc.
5. Multi-Binds are allowed just don't abuse it.
a. Example: "/advert Raid/Counter/Mug Drop 2K or die/terror/assist"
6. To kidnap someone you must call "/advert kidnap"
a. When you kidnap someone you MUST use the handcuffs.
b. You also cannot add restrictive commands to your advert. Example: "Your legs are broken and your gun is thrown away!".
c. You may be killed for escaping your restraints.
d. You are allowed to keep someone kidnapped for a maximum of 10 minutes.
e. You cannot kidnap in spawn.
f. Killing yourself to avoid being kidnapped is FailRP.
g. You cannot prop block the victim in your base.
h. You must wait a minimum of 10 minutes to kidnap another person again and 15 minutes to kidnap the same person.
7. You must wait 10 minutes between each Terror advert.
8. You cannot be in a party with people you can't base with.
9. Terror can only last a maximum of 60 seconds or until they die or call over.
10. Keypads can not have a delay before fading the fading door.

Basing Rules
1. You can have mega bases, but you must have minimum of 4 people basing with you.
2. You can have a maximum of 4 fading doors as an entrance into a base.
3. You must have at least 1 entrance into your base.
a. You must have space between your fading doors for at least 2 people.
4. You cannot hide keypads or materialize them.
5. ALL Fading doors used as an entrance must have at least 2 keypads.
a. Using fake keypads is prohibited.
b. Keypads must be open for a minimum of 5 seconds.
6. Crouch/Jump bases aren't allowed.
7. You can kill cops that are raiding you with a warrant.
8. You can put KOS signs in front of your base.
a. KOS lines cannot be huge.
b. You are allowed to kill someone for Loitering (a minimum of 10 seconds) no more than a few feet outside your KOS line.
c. You can have a KOS line while you're building.
9. You cannot raid a base that is building.
a. It is your responsibility to put a building sign up if you're building a base.
b. You cannot have any valuables while building. (printers, shipments, items, ect.)
10. Tripwires may only be placed in your base
11. You cannot use fading door keybinds while you are being raided.
12. Angle Abuse is prohibited.
a. Being able to shoot them but they cannot shoot you.
13. One-way props are allowed.
a. However, you are not allowed to shoot through them.
b. The raider must be able to see and shoot you at the same visibility as you can see and shoot them.
14. Only Government jobs can base in their designated area.
15. Invisible or hard to see props are not allowed.
16. Only Hobos and Vapists can base in public areas.
a. For example: The park, the parking lots.
17. Black-out bases are not allowed.
a. Bases that are the same color/material to confuse the raider.
18. Your base is allowed to stick out onto the sidewalk a little bit.
a. Your base is not allowed to extend into the street.
19. Building in the street is prohibited for all jobs. a. Unless your a hobo which means you can build anywhere.
20. Drop bases are not allowed.
a. A drop base is a base that has an area that players are able to fall through. This includes making a bridge across and having a fading door on it.

Mugging Rules
1. When mugging someone you must include the amount to drop, and amount of time to drop it all in /advert.
a. Example: "/advert mug drop 2-10k you have 10 seconds"
b. You can tell them they cannot turn around or draw weapons. If they don't follow these orders you may kill them.
2. You cannot mug for more than $10,000.
3. You must give the person a minimum of 10 seconds to comply or be killed.
a. You must give the player plenty of time to finish the message and drop the money.
4. You must wait 3 minutes between each mug and 15 minutes for the same person.
5. Players are allowed to kill you if you mug them.
a. However, if a player is holding a gun and you kill them instantly, that is RDM.
6. You can only mug someone who is in distance to hear your voice.
a. This allows you to give verbal commands to the player.
7. You cannot mug multiple people at a time.
8. Mugging while in a group has the same cool-downs for the entire group.

Raiding/Counter Rules
1. Don't raid a base you already know has nothing inside of it just to kill the person.
a. Don't say "I thought he pocketed everything so I killed him". You will still be punished.
2. You cannot use props while raiding.
a. This includes using props to see inside of someone's base, prop climbing, or blocking vision.
b. Do not place props in front of other people's cameras or tripwires.
3. You can assist someone in a raid if you call "/advert assist"
a. You may kill someone trying to assist your raid.
4. You have to wait 5 minutes in between each raid and 15 minutes to raid the same base again.
a. A raid can only go on for a maximum of 10 minutes.
5. You are allowed to raid in a party.
a. Your party must call "/advert Assist" or "/advert Party Raid."
6. You cannot raid a base that is currently being raiding. Thief Rules
Basic Description: You steal from people and break into their bases.
a. Bank heisters CANNOT base with Bank manager
b. Past the second PD door is Arrest on Sight unless said otherwise

Hobo Rules
Basic Description: You beg for money...or forcefully take it
a. You can build in the streets and on the sidewalk
b .You'r houses can have multi-layers (essentially prop-climb within your house)
c. You cannot have any guns only a pistol.
d. You cant mic spam.

Cop Rules
Basic Description: You protect and serve the people of the town
a. You can build roadblocks / base / build checkpoints / do what you gotta do
b. You cannot assist criminals or commit crimes
c. All doors in PD are allowed to be locked (excluding first door).

Gang Rules
Basic Description: Join together to build a massive place and fulfill your duties
a. You must have at least 4 members to megabase.
b. You cannot take over a large portion of the map and the portion of the map cannot be a hotspot (Ex: In front of PD)
c. You must own all of the doors in all of the houses with all of the members as co-owners

Mercenary Rules
Basic Description: Get hired to protect or do some other task

Kidnapper Rules
Basic Description: You kidnap people and make them your slave.
a. Can Raid and Heist and mug if all three are together
b. Kidnapping / Attempt Kidnapping people makes you KoS as you're a threat to everyone around you

Terrorist Rules
Basic Description: Your job says you kill people
a. Terrorist: Murder/Terrorism can only be done every 10 minutes

Misc Rules:
Rules that generally don't have to be said but are here for the people who need to see them
a. Killing the cop / mugger who has just fined / mugged you after you paid a fine is failrp
b. Do not force other players to get stuck, if they can't move it's not RP
c. Killing people at NPCs has no purpose, you don't gain anything and therefore is RDM and a bannable offense
d. Don't fading door abuse
e. You cannot build on the streets or sidewalk if you're not a hobo or cop (such as building a roadblock)
f. Fading door abuse is when you explicitly use your keypad or bound key to toggle the door to shoot out of in an instant. You can do this when no one else is around but do not do it when you're getting raided.
g. Hitmen do not need to advert accepting / competing for failing a hit
h. A public place is a place with open doors such as a restaurant. For your base to be considered a public place, you must place a sign indicating it as a "Public Place." You may not have money-making entities inside/it will be treated as a building sign. If the place does have closed and locked doors and the owners refuse to let you in that room, the place is considered raidable.
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General Rules
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